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Our Services

Loved by over 1,000 people worldwide

We make things happen! We’ve helped thousands of people get exactly what they wanted for there event or party.. We believe Design with a capital “D” is causing a sea of change in the Cake Topper Design Business. We’re not just a cake topper agency. We also supply a number of other geeky and nerdy products. To make your next celebration that much more special!



Our Services include Custom Order Requests for all types of gifts, Custom designed cake toppers, Custom engraved cutting boards, and more. We specialize in custom laser cut acrylic geeky and special themed cake toppers and stands. Including Doctor Who, Disney, and Superhero Custom Cake toppers. We also specialize in prototyping and inventing products for customers based on there requests. We have 2 3d printers and 3 laser cutters for our fabrication.  We have tons of personalized, and custom themed Decor including wall pendants and plates, and curtain caddies that is a fairly new product that is a combination of lasercut acrylic and 3d printed. Brackets are 3d printed and the custom laser cut design attached to the curtain rod brackets.

Please feel free to contact us for anything particular. Im sure we can provide 🙂

Cake Toppers

Wide selection of specialty themed cake toppers.

Shadow Display Stands

Wide selection of custom made acrylic display stands.

Custom Engraved Cutting Boards

Wide selection of custom engraved cutting boards.

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